YouTube Subscribers Passes the 50,000 Milestone

During the middle of March 2021 my YouTube channel passed the 50K subscribers milestone. In fact only several days later as I write this there are now very nearly 51K subscribers to the channel. The rate of subscriptions has risen sharply in since the start of the autumn last year.

What is maybe more interesting is the exponential rate of growth in the channel. The graph above shows just how long it took for the channel to get any serious following. In fact the figures in the first year are so small they don’t even show on the graph. After a year of making videos I had about 90 Subscribers. Then as you can see above things started to take off in 2019.

Socialblade Prediction

Socialblade predicts that I will reach 1,000,000 subscribers by about the autumn of 2024. Let’s hope they are correct or even too cautious! (Source )

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