New Invicta Pro Diver Model as Over 60,000 watch my existing video?

Just look at this beauty below! This is the Invicta Pro Diver 30095 a new Invicta kid on the block and this one sports nice white hour markers and a jubilee bracelet. 'Niceness needle' is in the red!

Picture of Rolex DateJust
Invicta Pro Diver 30095 - A Totally Gorgeous Looking watch!

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Stay tuned! I am ordering this watch and will be doing a thorough watchmaker review of it in September.

With my previous Invicta Pro Diver soon as I received the watch through the mail I knew I was onto something special. The specification looked impressive for the price and in my video I gave the watch a thorough review. This watch performed amazingly well and looks, because essentially it's a submariner, ... just great. Check out this very popular video ...

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Picture of Rolex DateJust

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