26 Jewel Seikomatic from the 1960s

SEIKO Seikomatic 6206-8150

This is as close as you can get to Grand Seiko without actually buying a Grand Seiko. Indeed this model of Seikomatic is the watch that you will see me wearing a lot in my YouTube videos as I believe it is so stylish, so well made and so useful.


The watch is shipped with a brand Seiko Style Bracelet with president style clasp.

The styling and attention to detail that Seiko show here in this line of watch is truely impressive. This example does show a little wear for its age with some light scratching on the case and a few faint marks on the dial neither of which are noticeable unless a careful inspection is made.

The watch ships with a one year warranty and comes in a nice box!

£535 + £15 postage

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