Seiko SQ (7546 – 8360) – For Sale

As featured in my video on the restoration of this early Seiko Quartz watch up for sale here is a very nice example of a Seiko fitted with the 7546 movement

Price: £295 – SOLD

I am a big fan of these 1970s Seiko Quartz watches which at the time were pretty expensive pieces. If you would like to see this watch in the finest of detail before purchase then just watch my video on its restoration

This watch comes with a two year warranty so you can buy in the knowledge that you are covered in case it stops working. Having done a full restoration I can give this warranty as I am confident the watch will perform well for years now. Whilst the watch is rain proof it should not be worn for swimming or for prolonged periods in a shower.

A very cool and nicely made Seiko lovelingly restored. Great for collectors or as a piece for daily wear.

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