It’s been a cold spring in Pembrokeshire this year. The snowdrops have already gone over and the primroses are out in force but there has been no real warmth to go with them.  Despite this, when I did the reconnaissance work for this shoot I actually went looking for cherry blossom.  Predictably I found none.  So I turned my sights on something a little more urban and ‘flowerless’ and tragic.   The dock is still the beating heart of Pembroke Dock, the clue is is the name I guess, but it does not beat as powerfully as it used to.  The substantial Victorian buildings that flanked the main entrance to the dockyard in it’s hay day have fallen derelict.  They stand dormant as if waiting for their renaissance which I truly believe is not so far away now.  In 1901 this is what the inside of the main entrance looked like.

The photographer, for in 1901 only photographers took photographs, that took this picture would have placed his tripod yards from where I placed mine.   I wanted to capture the run down state of this place and decided to shoot into the sun with a single fill light and a hair light to make the light on Amy a little more interesting.  I  fine tuned the lighting digitally and then brought my Rolleiflex to bear.  Amy had not modeled before but is just made to be photographed so we got great shots and Mango behaved herself the whole time.









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