If you are going to be good at pretty much anything  you have to ‘practice’.   I have a lot of shooting lined up for this summer and there is no point going into it with my skills all rusted up.   So with that in mind I organised a practice shoot with Alex in mid March.   The location turned out to be a good choice, not that you would have thought so about an hour before we were due to start.  The sky was dark and it was cold and wet.  It had been raining for about eighteen hours non stop but the forecast was for it to pick up.  So, I waited for Alex chatting to the guy in the entrance kiosk and hoping that the weatherman had got it right.  Then Alex turned up, the clouds parted then evaporated and the spring sunshine lit everything up.  The nice thing about Pembry is its mainly sand dunes and sand dunes dry out quick.  We chose a spot out of the wind in the sun and it was just gorgeous!

Rolleiflex T shooting Kodak Portra 400





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