The photographer has to capture the moment.  He can’t labour over a canvas for weeks creating a moment and changing it at will like the painter.  The work he puts in is mainly up front.  And this work involves training in all aspects of his craft so that when the moment comes he can operate effectively and create the images he was seeking to.  The similarity between what the photographer does and a soldier does are amazingly high.  Both train hard to operate well on the objective, both prepare their kit, plan operations and them implement them.  Hell!  Both even carry a big metal thing that they point at people and ‘shoot’.  If they are wise both also know that their plans will often wrong and things will crop up that need to be dealt with.  They must be flexible and single minded to accomplish the mission.

These days I set myself nice missions.  I figure I have done my time doing not nice ones!  This mission was to shoot some high octane images of my cover girl Hannah to post on Facebook and generate some tractor girls sales.

For the colour image below I was shooting into the sun with my Bronica S2A and a 105mm Leaf Shutter lens so I could still synch the flash.  When the sun is this low you have a couple of minutes to get it right and flare is a big risk.  Minutes to get it right only. No more.

Bronica S2A 105mm Leaf Shutter and Fuji Pro 160

This B&W image I shot with my Canon 5D and a Carl Zeiss P6 Mount 180mmm Sonnar.



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